Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hello World!

Hello! I am a music teacher, enrolled in a creativity course which requires me to investigate new media.  This is my new playground.

The name of my blog means "speeding up" , a musical term I love because of the connection to string instruments, but it also represents what technology and new media do to communication and relationships.

I am also the parent of a very creative 20 year old university student. I watch as she moves between deviantart, facebook, several blogs, sound cloud, tumblr and twitter. My older daughters and I use pinterest and we are doing family history on ancestry.

All of these sites are personal markers like inukshuks 
 and Kilroy         File:Kilroy Was Here - Washington DC WWII Memorial.jpg                           
which represent our physical presence in the digital world.   

I follow about 15 blogs regularly and stumble upon many more just surfing the net.  The blogs include travel journals, artist journals, self promotional tools, personal reflection journals, education related journals, recipe blogs, design and "how-to" blogs, charity fundraising blogs.

I do not know the writers of half of these blogs, but what they are doing interests me.  The writers are investigating their experiences to make meaning, preserve memories and to document their personal presence on the planet.  I believe what motivates writers to start blogging is to have the possibility of touching others.  When I comment on a blog post, there is often immediate feedback: who are you? how did you find me?

Modern day message in a bottle messagge in a bottle
(Aside: when searching google images for the above picture, I found it on a blog from a teacher who was starting his first blog...irony ;)  I suppose I should link it, but it appears that he has since migrated his site to a newer one, and I think he has moved on.)

Which brings me to this question: what are the rules for this game anyway?
How do you remove your digital footprints when you wish to move on?

Ok now, I've jumped in, I'm wet.  

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